Keep your cat safe after dark

Cats are natural prowlers. They love to discover what's happening on their patch after lights out. But, unfortunately, they're not as street-smart as they'd like to believe.

To help minimise the chance of an unfortunate road accident for your cat, here are some tips to help encourage your cat to stay in at night. Who wouldn’t prefer a tasty meal and cuddle on the couch over a night adventure with loud cars ruining your fun?

How can you encourage your cat to stay in at night

Keeping your cat inside at night can be a challenge at first, but with patience and planning, you could soon have your furry mate purring away beside you.

  • Start a rewarding routine for your cat when they come in at night - at a treat or a cuddle. You could even try putting some catnip or food near the entrance for extra encouragement.
  • Once home, check doors, windows and cat-doors are closed.
  • If you want to provide a secure outdoor space, you can use cat nets.
  • Provide fresh water and a clean litter
  • Provide some Cat-ertainment - thi
  • nk boxes, ping-pong balls, scratching post, and climbing frames.
  • Be good company - Make some time in your routine to engage with your cat. When a home is fun and loving, you want to stay in.